Thirteen moons birds on rocky mountains

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    Its aimless journey brought it near Earth four million years ago. When our asteroid belt threatened it, Optimus Prime led an expedition to clear the way. They were successful, but they were ambushed by Decepticons led by Megatron, and their battle ended with a crash-landing on Earth that left all the combatants deactivated. Their compatriots on Cybertron mourned their loss but continued the wars. The Transformers

    Status is quite important among the Qartheen, and they tend to be very concerned about appearances; the men wear vests which are covered in extravagant gold tracing and jewelry on the front, and women sometimes dye their hair to appear more exotic. Both men and women decorate their clothing with gold pieces shaped like insects and encrusted with jewels. Appearances, however, are not only a matter of status among the Qartheen, but also of survival; among the Thirteen for example, those who do not hold hereditary seats will only remain on the council as long as they can appear wealthy and powerful before the eyes of the other twelve members. Any failure to keep up appearances and they will be removed and quickly replaced.

    The Amoeboid Zingatularians appear as a stellar replacement in the long-running comedic play No Sex Please, We're British at the end of Fit the Third of the radio series.

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    Thirteen Moons Birds On Rocky MountainsThirteen Moons Birds On Rocky MountainsThirteen Moons Birds On Rocky MountainsThirteen Moons Birds On Rocky Mountains